Now Featuring Student Projects

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I've added a new section to my web site that features my student projects. The plan is for each post to be written by a student (or team thereof), highlighting the work they did for their senior project, masters thesis, or independent study.

The idea to have students write a blog post, instead of some "final writeup," came to me after watching too many students slog through a task that, at some level, we both knew was largely Sisyphean. Now, my students have a place to exhibit their work (perhaps to much a broader audience, including future employers), provide a jumping off point for those that may want to continue that project, as well as place to archive any written software, collected data, and useful results. Student response to this requirement has been much more energetic and responsive. Having them write it in markdown is low overhead for the student, and makes formatting and out-linking to project deliverables a snap. (I'm kinda bummed I didn't think of this sooner!)

The first post, by David Levisky, chronicles his work in exploring the cryptographic subsystem in Android.

I'm looking forward to posting more work related to CTF scoreboards for the classroom, Docker security, and all the other ingenius games and apps my students create in the coming months.

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